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“Get More Paying Customers From The Internet!”

Having a web site with no traffic is like having a store with no customers!

You’re here for one reason. You’re looking for more traffic, more customers, and more profit from your web site. And that’s exactly what our SEO experts do here at Columbia SEO Consulting.

  • Get the results you deserve!
  • Deal with a local company based right here in the Portland/Vancouver area.
  • Case studies and current live examples available on request.
  • Work with a company that understands ROI and that all marketing should bring in more money than it costs.
  • Our shared goal is to grow your business on a regular basis.
  • NO CONTRACTS! We don’t need them. Our satisfied clients never leave.

We’re a small business that understands your goals.

Other companies may have pretty websites and flashy logos, but you’re just a faceless statistic to them – just another name in the database.

Get a small team of local specialists working for you.

Like a highly trained commando assault team, we get it doneā€¦period.

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