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We’ve provided amazing results for many clients. For your consideration, what follows is three online case studies, which will demonstrate the powerful differences we can make in your business.

Case Study #1: Life Balances

Life Balances is an international health-based company based on matching vitamin, mineral and electrolyte supplements to specific blood test results. They wanted to update and expand their online presence, including online patient services.

After a few meetings we had a plan of action. First, they needed a new website built from the ground up, optimized for both the user experience and search engines. It was also important to carefully place particular content to protect patents and trademarks.

E-commerce was one of the biggest changes to the old paradigm. Orders for their products could now be made online boosting overall sales annually.

Life Balances had lost their original main domain to a competitor. Therefore, their brand was being misrepresented worldwide. A comprehensive SEO campaign was started including article marketing, on-page factors, and back-linking.

When you search for “life balances” or “lifebalances” this is what you’ll currently find:

You’ll notice that out of 29 million results the client is number one. Not only that, they have an expanded listing as an authority site in their niche. Additionally, the competitor’s use of the original domain is not even listed in the top 100 results.

When you search for the founders name, “John Kitkoski“, you find this:

The top two positions have been secured and have been granted an expandable listing.

Life Balances owns the trademark phrase, Smell Sensitive Supplement. When you search both “smell sensitive supplement” and the plural “smell sensitive supplements” you’ll find this:

You’ll notice out of nearly 10 million results the client has a firm hold on all three top positions. Further, an expandable listing has been granted.

In this next keyword example, we targeted the title of a best-selling publication that featured our client’s work. When you search for the name of this book, “feed your body right” this is what you’ll see:

Notice that our listing is actually featured above a page by the original author and is only third behind one of the most powerful online retailers on the planet.

We’ve maintained these search positions for this client since 2001.

Case Study #2: Custom Tailor

This client is a 30-year veteran of the custom tailor trade. He travels the world meeting with clients and creating bespoke for them. The garments are all hand made in the famous tailoring district of Hong Kong using top fabrics from Italy and the Seville Row district of London.

His unique selling proposition is that you can purchase the finest hand-tailored suit from him at wholesale for off-the-rack prices.

The client had spent thousands of dollars on web site design over a three-year period and didn’t make one sale from it. This is a common occurrence. Having a beautiful or amazing website does not bring paying customers. Often, a less visually appealing site designed for true usability will be far more profitable.

The client agreed that we needed to start over from scratch and build something profitable and long-lasting. First we chose a new domain name that matched the keywords potential clients were searching for. Next we built a completely new website focused on four things:

  • A usable and enjoyable shopping experience for the user
  • A design and content that was optimized for search engine ranking
  • A design that included capturing visitor information for future follow-up
  • A powerful SEO campaign that includes on-page factors, article marketing, video marketing and an aggressive back-linking strategy.

In this example, we’ll search for “custom hong kong tailor“…

Note that out of five and a half million results worldwide, our client holds two page one positions, both #1 and #10.

Now let’s look at a difficult challenge, ranking well worldwide for a very broad keyword. Let’s search for “custom tailor”, which in effect asks Google to show the most relavant custom tailor sites from around the world. This is what you’ll see:

Out of over 4,000,000 results we’ve achieved two page one rankings for this broad term, both number three and number ten.

Let’s look at the search term “hong kong tailor“. Google sees this as a search for tailors locally in the city of Hong Kong. Yet, notice where our US-based client is ranked:

We’ve been ranking this client from 2007 till present.

Case Study #3: Big Toe Recording Studio

This client runs a professional recording studio and wanted more business from his own local area, Vancouver, Washington.

We started by designing a new website that was optimized for a great user experience, and maximum local search potential.

Next an SEO campaign was started that included on-page factors, article marketing, video marketing, podcasting, back-linking, Pay-Per-Click advertising and a user review program.

With research we determined that potential customer in the Vancouver area would mainly be searching for the term “recording studio”, and those that were coming from out of town would be searching for the term “vancouver wa recording studio”. If you’re located in the Vancouver area Google will automatically add the city search operator for the user.

Here’s a look at the results for both searches. Will start with searching for “recording studio” as a person that lives in the area. Here are the results:

Besides being ranked third overall, he is ranked #1 locally (as indicated by the red pin titled A) and has been given a Google Maps listing and a user review star rating.

Let’s look at what you see when you do a specific local search. Here are the results for searching “vancouver wa recording studio“…

Here you’ll notice that our client has three page one results, number one in the local section and numbers three and four in the organic results. Numbers three and four are from a Yahoo review site and from YouTube as a result of our video marketing. This client quite literally owns this niche in his local area.

SEO for this site is ongoing and has been so since 2007.

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