LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn is growing and becoming the dominant social media platform for modern business. If you just have a copy of your resume on your LinkedIn page, if you don’t have a custom business page with banners and images, you’re leaving yourself behind. Every day thousands of new people join LinkedIn for one purpose – doing business.

Our LinkedIn profile optimization focuses on helping people find and connect with your business, so that when they are ready to do business, they do it with you. We focus on three key elements for maximizing the profitability of your LinkedIn Profile.

Phase One

We maximize the language of your profile to bring you to the attention of LinkedIn’s search algorithm. We make sure that your page comes up whenever your potential business clients and partners perform a search. We have special techniques for making sure that your page comes up based on your business needs and can target our stategy at the local or the national level.

Phase Two

We turn your profile into a lead generation machine. We build in specific Calls-To-Action on your profile page to drive your business contacts exactly where you want them. We can drive them to call you, e-mail you, or visit your primary website. We’ll even help you determine which of these three choices will put the most money in your pocket.

Phase Three

Network building. LinkedIn uses a proprietary “three degrees of separation” algorithm that is so powerful Facebook paid billions for the right to use it. If you don’t have a LARGE network with the RIGHT contacts you’ll never come up in LinkedIn searches. We’ll provide you with a powerful network of contacts as well as the right tools to expand that network to the people that will help your business the most.

Complete LinkedIn Profile Optimization

We’re partnered with the top LinkedIn optimization company in the world, so that we always have the most cutting edge tools and techniques available to us. We’ll also provide you with our secret technique for using LinkedIn to bring you hundreds of new business leads every month. Just as our way of saying “thank you” and helping your business grow.

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