Organic SEO

When it comes to a long-term strategy for your business it’s very important to keep things organic. Over time a small seed of traffic can grow into a great tree of business.

With paid advertising, the moment you stop paying the traffic stops coming. With SEO you have a long-term flow of traffic that will continue long after you stop investing in it. Once you get your website to the top of the search results, it’s just a matter of maintaining.

Seventy percent of people ignore the paid advertising when they perform a Google search. Most people who use the Firefox browser actually have these adds blocked. Do you simply want to lose these clients? Of course not.

Organic search results also have the benefit of a higher trust factor. If your business is relevant to the customer, they’ll come to your site with a more open mind through the regular search results.

When a customer comes via a paid click, they know they have followed an advertisement and are more skeptical. Anyone can pay to be at the top of the PPC results, but only quality, relevant websites make it to the top of organic search.

Our long-term SEO strategy team will help you take advantage of this higher level of trust to better communicate with your customers. Talk to our online team now to find out just what’s possible for your business today.

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