Reputation Management: Get Your Local Business Booming

Reputation Management: There Are Two Sides

Reputation Management For Your BusinessYes, there are two sides to Reputation Management. First, you must proactively build and maintain a positive online reputation while at the same time mitigating any negative information, feedback, and/or reviews.

Negative information and feedback is ten times worse than not having any reviews at all. We’ll address negative reviews in the second part of this article. First, let’s talk about building and fortifying your positive online reputation, the proactive side or Reputation Management.

Local Searches And Reputation Are King

A surprising amount of prospects searching the Internet are looking for local information. This highlights a spectacular opportunity for local business owners.   

Taking advantage of the absolutely huge amount of local searches is not only smart, it’s a necessity if you want to stand tall against your local competitors.

However, some businesses are still left scratching their heads wondering how they can take advantage of the internet to produce more leads, customers, and sales. One effortless way that businesses can do this is by signing up with online review sites such as Yahoo Local Listings and Yelp!

When prospects search for a local business online, sites such as these usually come up as well as independent business websites. However, these review sites pack more power because they contain reviews from the company’s customers right there for all to see, real people with real experiences and opinions.

Now, imagine your business listing (with no reviews) sitting right above one of your competitor’s listings, which happens to have 38 glowing customer reviews.

Who would you call?

It should be starkly evident that building positive online customer reviews is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

Reel Them In With Yahoo Local Listings

Reputation Management With Yahoo LocalThis is an awesome site that can build your online reputation and help boost your business.

At Yahoo Local Listings business owners can advertise their business information for free. As a complimentary service to this free Online Review Site, you can list your business in up to 5 different categories, making your business viewable to a much larger audience of online searchers.

This is a very high traffic site and is sure to bring more customers to your door and more revenue to your cash register!

Yelp! And They Will Come

Reputation Management With YelpOn this site, you can view feedback about your business as well as post a response, which is a critical piece of the Reputation Management puzzle. is growing at a ridiculous rate, so right now is the perfect time to act. At the rate this site is going, you’ll be sure to generate more business if you properly use this site to your advantage.   

In fact, your profile may even be listed there already by default. If so, you need to make a quick phone call to claim what rightfully belongs to you as soon as possible. Then you can take control of your own profile and bring in more business, and with it more profits. Reputation Management at its finest!

Reputation Management: Handling Negativity

Everyone agrees that one great way to draw attention to your business is by leveraging the power of Social Networking. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are very popular sites and could very well be harboring a boatload of potential customers for your business.

In fact, social networking activities calculate out to about 15% of all Internet use daily. I can’t impress on you enough just how HUGE this is.

We all know about Facebook. Whether you have your own account or you know of someone else who does, you’re well aware this is the most popular online social networking site today. Facebook has more than 750 million users – imagine how many of your local customers you could reach just by using Facebook!

Reputation Management When Negativity ArisesWhen it comes to online Reputation Management, this is the number one place to start.

Studies show that Facebook users spend a lot of time logged in each and every day socializing, sharing information, and responding to messages.

Let’s say you have an unhappy customer who posts negative information about your business on your Facebook Fan page. You can immediately respond to any negativity that comes your way if you manage your Fan Page properly.

It’s a known fact that people do business with those they like and trust. If you can tap into that conversation, you’ll build a solid reputation that can’t be touched.

To make this happen, your main goal will be to share valuable information with your followers on a consistent basis as well as to provide special discount offers from time to time.

Reputation Management also involves judicious monitoring of what’s being said about your business online. If you’re not aware that something negative has been said, you have absolutely no chance of responding to it or correcting it.

How detrimental would that be for your business?

Talk to us today about Reputation Management. We’ll make sure you build an iron fortress around your online presence. We’ll also monitor the entire Internet on your behalf 24/7 so any negativity can be nipped in the bud before it does any serious damage.

If you do experience a negative hit to your reputation, we’ll step in and perform damage control so as to restore your good name ASAP.

Reputation Management…no longer an interesting option but a necessity for the health of your business.